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Youth Development 

Young people have tremendous potential to bring about change in this country. They have the energy and the will to deep dive into problems and look for solutions. In order to channelize such passion, we need to invest in these young leaders and provide them with opportunities to get exposed to India’s social development challenges and the space to explore their role within it so that they can approach the future with the passion and purpose they need to make an impact on our nation and our world. It is this discovery of oneself and one’s larger purpose is what this internship and leadership journey is about.

 YUVA connect and  YUVA leadership programs are implemented by I Care India with the aim of improving the personality of the youth, developing leadership qualities in them and instilling in them the qualities of responsible citizen and a sense of volunteering.

Connect with to find potential volunteers Scout
Provide Orientation and Training Connect
Deploy them on development projects Engage
Conduct workshops activities for growth Empower
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 The icareindia’s YUVA programme provides them the opportunities to join in field exposure visit and community mobilization activities for personality development, behavioural qualities, and developing a sense of social and civic responsibility.

Films can shape the destiny of talented youngsters, Courses.

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Films can shape the destiny of talented youngsters, Courses.


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Joining an NGO is like an investment in your future. You will develop professional skills to meet the demands of the role and of the organisation. If you actively work/volunteer will help you to make a positive contribution in the growth and development of the society. You can work for the cause you are most passionate about.

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