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  • Environmental Education Project
  • Environmental Education Project
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In a few short years, the upcoming generation will determine the fate of this planet. Oneof the main focuses of educating today's youth is to prepare them to take an active part inresolving conflicts and problems in order to create a healthier environment: an ever growingproblem that we live with and work in every day. Kids, like most of us, will learn about thethings that attract and excite them. But how can they become informed,engaged and energized to promote change, to make personal lifestyle adjustments and to encourage their friends, families and schools to do the same? It is incredibly important that teachers help educate their students on how to cope with, and better yet change theseenvironmental problems by incorporating it into their cuniculum planning and school activitiesin new and exciting ways. Becoming more "green" in our classrooms and schools not only helps put a positive change on our ealth's environment The purpose of this project is to help our students and staff develop a connection to theenvironment through both learning and experience.  we hope to incorporate a more environmentally based curriculuminto our teacher's daily lessons so our students can understand the importance of what this project will do for  school. 
  • Project Schedule 30 Apr, 2021 12:00 am to 28 Aug, 2021 12:00 am
  • Location Gps Location
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